Congress Middle School Ski Club!

Come ski with us every Thursday in February!

Join one of the best clubs at Congress Middle School!

Winter time is quickly approaching. Whether you love to ski/snowboard or have never had the opportunity, you won’t want to miss out on this fun! Congress is tentatively scheduled to go to Snow Creek Ski Area on the following Thursdays: February 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd. A bus will transport the students from Congress to Snow Creek, leaving at 2:45 pm and returning to Congress at 8:00 pm.

Students will need to have a ride at Congress no later than 8:00 pm. Students may either bring a sack lunch and/or money to purchase dinner at the lodge.


Our informational meeting will be tomorrow, Jan 18th @ 7:00 am

in art room 105.

Meet your Ski Club Sponsors:

What do I need to do in order to go?

  1. Pick up a permission slip

  2. Attend the meeting before school at 7:05 am on January 18 in Art Room 105 (parents do not need to attend)

  3. Be one of the first 35 student to turn in your money (Checks made payable to Congress Middle School) and signed permission slip to Room 105 by Tuesday before each week. We will start taking money Jan 12th at 7:05 am.

  4. Be in good academic and moral standing. (no write ups the week of the trip)

  5. Conduct yourself safely and appropriately at the ski resort.

  6. Have appropriate winter attire (including snow pants and gloves) packed in an extra gym bag or backpack. We will not be coming back into the school when we get back.

  7. Have a ride at school NO LATER then 8pm. (if teacher has to wait after 8:01pm for student pick up then the student will not be able to attend Ski and Snowboard Club again. Unfortunately every year teachers have been stuck waiting for students to get picked up. Please be courteous and have a ride here on time.

**note: we are limited to only 35 students per trip per week. If we run out of spots for that weeks trip we will place you in the next available trip.

How to Pay:

  • There are two ways your child can pay for skiing. They can either purchase a ski pass through Snow Creek or they can pay Miss Wenzel in room 105 before the Tuesday prior to the ski date.
  • The cost for transportation, lift ticket, and equipment rental will be $30 (2018 rate) for each time they wish to go (even if you have your own equipment).
  • For an additional $7 (2018 rate), they can receive a 1 hour group lesson which is required for new and beginning skiers and snowboarders.
  • For $5 you can rent a helment
  • If you have purchased a ski pass through Snow Creek and you have your own equipment (snowboarders must have bindings), then the cost for transportation each week will be $8 paid due on the Tuesday prior to the trip.

You may only reserve one week at a time. Due to a very high interest in Ski club this year we will not be able to collect money for all 4 weeks in advance. We ask that you turn in a permission slip and money each week.

Collecting for week 1 trip permission slips and money: Jan 12-30th

Collecting for week 2 trip permission slips and money: Feb 2-6th

Collecting for week 3 trip permission slips and money: Feb 9th-13th

Collecting for week 4 trip permission slips and money: Feb 16-20th

Things to bring the day of the Ski Trip:

Well, no surprise here but clothes that will keep you warm and dry. And that's really important if you end up falling a couple of times. We do not recommend cotton clothing (jeans and a sweatshirt) it becomes wet, then cold. What's great is that you probably have most of what you need. If you don't, just borrow some from friends.

-water resistant snow pants/bibs

-Ski Goggles

-WINTER coat that is water resistant

-Water Resistant gloves. Cloth gloves are NOT acceptable for Skiing/Snowboarding.

-long socks

-warm underlayer

-hat/ ski helmet



-Phone (in a waterproof bag)- Keep it ZIPPED in a pocket!

-phone charger (Your phone will die in the cold)

-Money for food and hot chocolate