how to solve the aquafier issue

mike the genius's idea's are better than everyone else's

Why it needs to be fixed

First of all everything to a extent is finite except for the ever expanding universe of course but thats besides the point we have a very real issue and it is that a aquafier in the great plains is eventually going to dry up and everything is in our lives is dependent in some way.

My summary of the articles I read and ideas

the first article i read was about how ten cities nationwide are dealing with the problem and a lot of them made desailination plant and water efficient home appliances

the second one was very small it was a website literally with just a paragraph long but it was basically saying water is life in our world and that we have taken it for granted but it needs to stop now.

One of my ideas is that we purify and recycle all the water possible and if it gets too expensive just reach into our pockets like its chump change and mumble darn inflation as we do it.after that we can also collect all rain water and pay people for how much they turn in some where and raise its price depending on how much we need, the reason for that is too make up for water we cant the way thats one of my long term solutions.

a short term one is people can only have st. augistine grass in there yards because its very water efficient and it feels good it also still looks very good in peoples yard's.

Another long term solution is all water becomes federally controlled and they just ration it out depending on the supplies and who work for it the most and things like that.