Examples of short answer responces

By: Sydney Pickett

Why is English important for student's everyday lives?

English is important for student’s everyday lives because school would be impossible without the knowledge of correct grammar. The way a student speaks defines their education as well as their comprehension of the English language. For example, in a presentation of any class it is expected that the student uses proper grammar to display their material. Also, to understand what the teacher is saying, correct English vocabulary must be known by the student to fully comprehend their instructions. English is important for student’s to know due to the fact that the subject is involved in their everyday studies.

Is dress code necessary for schools? Please explain why or why not.

Dress code is necessary for schools due to the fact of respect for others. Although it is excellent for someone to feel comfortable in their own skin as well as have the freedom to wear what they desire, an educational environment definitely should have boundaries and rules. Dress code isn’t just about oneself, it also involves the comfort of peers. For example, if a student is wearing a shirt with an offensive word or phrase this can make another student feel violated. It is a school’s job to make sure all students feel comfortable, so having premises for these issues are very important. Dress code is not only meant for comfortably, but as well as respecting one’s boundries.

Online Example:"Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below."

For the past year I have worked part-time at Burger King. It’s a job I picked up to help pay for my class trip to Germany. The job is what you’d expect -- I’m on my feet the whole time assembling burgers, squirting ketchup, and cooking fries. The pace can be frantic at times, and the pay is low. My friends who come into the restaurant make fun of me. The job is neither strengthening my calculus skills nor improving my writing ability. However, I have been surprised by the relationships I’ve developed with my coworkers. Some are high school students like me, but others are twice my age working full time and struggling to support their families. When I applied to Burger King I simply wanted a paycheck, but I now am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to build friendships with and learn from people very different from me.