Wachusett Wellness Newsletter

April Edition

Helping students adopt and maintain healthy behaviors is at the core of our school counseling program. To have healthy behaviors students must first start with education and awareness.

Theme of the Month: Counseling Resources and Benefits


Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. So having someone to talk to about your mental health can be really helpful. Sometimes we all could benefit from meeting and talking with someone outside of our family and friends about what may be going on in our life or what we may be feeling.

Therefore, there are a number of ways counseling can be beneficial, such as:

  1. )If you want to work on how to express yourself and how to communicate your thoughts and feelings to others
  2. )If you are feeling stuck or having a hard time problem-solving a situation
  3. )If you notice a change in your emotions (feeling more irritable, sad, depressed, or angry) or a change in how you react to situations
  4. )If you are feeling anxious, overly stressed, or overwhelmed
  5. )If you want to learn more about yourself
  6. )Lastly, it is important to note that your counseling conversations are private and confidential and any exceptions to that would be discussed with you by your counselor or therapist.

(Source: Psychology Today)

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Did You Know?

April 10, 2021 is Teal Day.

Teal Day encourages awareness of the importance of counseling. It challenges everyone to broaden their understanding of the life-changing impact of counseling...Show your support and wear something teal on April 10th!

"Taking care of your mental and physical health is just as important as any career move or responsibility." - Mireille Guilano
"The relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have." - Jane Travis

WRHS School Counseling Website

Mental Health Counseling Resources

Take a look at each of the documents below. Each item includes information regarding wonderful resources that are available to WRHS students!

Relaxation Exercise: Mindfulness Meditation

20 Minute Mindfulness Meditation for Being Present / Mindful Movement

April Mountaineer Challenge!

April is National Counseling Awareness Month and National Autism Awareness Month!

As mentioned above there is a day set aside to wear Teal on April 10th to show support for all Counselors; also April 2nd is Autism Awareness day!

As we build up to vacation we figured why only use one day to show support of these two great days. During the week prior to April Vacation (April 12th to the 16th) we would love to see an increase of blue and teal in the hallways! Plan your outfits now and be ready to show off support throughout that week with either little additions of teal and blue or a full outfit!

Also, challenge yourself to be mindful over your April break by completing the above Mindfulness video two separate mornings over your vacation to see how a 20 minute guided meditation can impact the rest of your day.

Just a few Benefits of Counseling