ASPIRE 5th Weekly News

November 15, 2015

Dates to Remember:

November 16-20 - Book Fair!!!

November 17 - 1st Math Olympiad Contest

November 18 - Last day to bring pajamas

November 20 - Heritage Day and World Friendship Day

November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Break

December 1 - Spring Creek Barbecue Fundraiser for Glenhope

January 28 - FIELD TRIP - SMU President Bush Library

Order and Chaos in ASPIRE

A week of presentations can cause chaos and anxiety! But many of our students also found order as well. A few thoughts from them...

"I think the order of the week was how we just got things DONE."

"We got to bring order by organizing different presentations to teach the class."

"I found chaos when we were working. I had a lot of ideas flying everywhere... There was a lot of chaos, but it was nice to let our ideas loose."

"This week was fun and odd - all week it was like a recess that we learn at."

A Peek at Last Week

Scientists at Work:

This week our scholars studied how glaciers change the surface of the land. Later in the week the scholars worked in teams to create games to review what we have learned about how the land changes. Friday they had a grand time playing each other games!

Humanities Fun:

This week the Scholars used the SOAPS method to analyze primary sources. SOAPS stands for Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, and Subject and is the way students in pre-AP and AP classes analyze primary sources. The scholars used these sources with some other secondary sources to create an engaging lesson to teach their peers about one of the factors that led to the French and Indian War. Each group also prepared some kind of check for understanding after their lesson. Th scholars played games, took quizzes and one group had the group go out and reenact the British Westward expansion into French territory with an ensuing battle!

Shark Tank Judges:

This week ASPIRE 4 asked the scholars in ASPIRE 5 to be their judges for their Shark Tank Cardboard Challenge. We divided the ASPIRE 5 scholars into 4 Shark Tank teams. We were impressed with the level of questions the judges asked of the young entrepreneurs. Our judges listened, evaluated, questioned and voted with their dollars. It was a fun afternoon!

Next Week in Our Classes


6th Grade Accelerated Math
  • Identify proportional relationships from tables, graphs, and equations
  • Math Olympiad - 1st Test

5th Grade Math

  • Continue division using 2-digit divisors
  • Problem Solving
  • Math Olympiad - 1st Test



  • Researching eminent people of the Colonies
  • Conducting Interviews and creating podcasts
  • Analyzing primary and secondary sources to draw conclusions about mystery family

Social Studies

  • Exploring the political systems of the Colonial period


  • Using inquiry to observe and investigate erosion


  • Collaborating with small groups
  • Presentations to class

Heritage Day in ASPIRE 5

Friday, November 20th is Heritage Day at Glenhope. We would like you to join us for our Humanities class (9:20-10:40) that day as we "Think Like Historians" by observing and analyzing primary and secondary sources as well as artifacts from many of our ASPIRE 5 families. As we analyze these pieces of a family's history, we will seek to draw conclusions about their story, their heritage. Now, in order to do this, we are asking each family to put together some items for us to study, items that link your present to your past, items from multiple generations. Check out Mrs. Fullhart's video about some of the items in her memory box. We will have bags and boxes for your items. Please send copies and pictures of your items - do not send originals. We look forward to thinking like historians as we study these artifacts.
Linda's Video

Glenhope Thanksgiving Food and Pajama Drive

We are sponsoring a food drive for GRACE to help families in our community as well as a pajama drive for a local homeless shelter through the Pajama Project and Scholastic. The drive will run November 9-18.

Our grade level has been asked to bring French Fried Onions (6 oz.), and new pajamas size Adult L and Adult XL. Please consider bringing one or more of these items. Donations may be dropped off in the designated boxes in the front hallway.

If we meet our school wide goal of collecting 300 pairs of new pajamas, students will get to have another pajama day! Thank you for helping us make a difference for families in need!

Glenhope Book Fair this Week

Students will go to the library on Monday to preview the book fair and will create a wish list. If you'd like for your child to purchase any books, you can send money with them next week. I also picked out a few books for our classroom library book fair wishlist which is kept in the library.

Giving Tree For GRACE

Glenhope’s Giving Tree for GRACE will be set up in the main hallway beginning Friday, November 20th! If you would like to help a family in need, please choose an ornament from the tree, and return the unwrapped item by Wednesday, December

5th-Grade Planning Meeting:

Would you like to help with special 5th-grade activities this year like the graduation and celebration? The first planning meeting of the year will be Monday, November 16th at 8:00am in the cafeteria. All parents who are interested in helping this year are invited to attend. We also still need a few committee chairs:

Math Olympiad Returns!

All of the scholars in ASPIRE 4 math, ASPIRE 5 math, and ASPIRE 6 math will be participating in Math Olympiad this year. Our first contest will be Tuesday, November 17th. Both the 5th and 6th grade math classes did a practice test on Friday. Several of the 5th graders shared their experiences from last year's Math Olympiad. Good advice from all!

Want to practice? Check this out

Mayor for a Day Contest

The Mayor for a Day contest is celebrating its 11th year. This year’s contest opened Monday, Nov. 2; all entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 7. Announcement of the winner will be made later that week. The contest is open to Colleyville residents only, in grades 2-7. To enter, all contestants must submit a one-to-two page essay addressing three ideas he or she would implement to make Colleyville an even better place to live.

For the Mayor for a Day essay contest winner, a day as the city’s “mayor” is the beginning of an unforgettable year. The student will serve as honorary mayor in January, touring city facilities and co-presiding with Mayor David Kelly at a City Council meeting. Additional activities will be scheduled throughout the year, according to the student’s availability.

Full contest details are available at

Reading Rewards and the 40 Book Challenge

According to our goal setting conferences with our scholars, the most difficult part of the 40 book Challenge is not reading 40 books - but reading books from many different genres. Encourage your scholar to branch out and read a book from a different genre than their favorite! One of the ways the scholars may keep track of the books they read for the 40 Book Challenge is to use All of our scholars are now enrolled in our class!


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