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Cook It's-Self Dinning Table

Are you tired of cooking, hiring a chef or your cooking robot breaks down all the time? Then you need to but this state of the art self dinning table. This table seats and serves your family with the sound of your voice, just feed the machine with the food supplies and ingredients then just tell it what you want it to make and it.


You can order your product in different sizes- 12 seats, 8 seats, 6 seats or 4!

or you can go online and custom your own table and design.

*Comes with seats


*voice activated

*and much morewill.

Room For Sale

Projector room

Bring your room to life with new 5D Projectors that can take you to any of your desires from a jungle in Africa to the streets of Paris. This room now comes with hidden odorophonics. You can change the simulating settings at any time. No more baby sitters! this room can be your own nursery and takes care of kids and they can go to the place of their dreams.


*5 D projectors

*3000 Wat Speakers


* and much much more!

Robot Maid

House Cleaner/Helper

This robot can do anything you want it to do. It can clean your dog, house, car anything! If you want to go out and leave your kids, this can monitor them with our new built in surveillance camera and you can see your kids when your outside of the house. You can voice command it with it's name you can give it. You will have a guarantee satisfaction.