Engineered immune cells block HIV

New breakthrough


So science may have discovered a way to cure one of the most deadliest STD's in the world. They believe that they have inserted an HIV resistance cell within 12 people already. Also "the researchers infused 10 billion SB-728-T cells into two groups of patients between May 2009 and July 2012." Some even said they were excited about this."It makes me very excited. Hopeful, and it makes me want to...shout out to the world that there could be an end to this," said Johnson. Also "The Boston cases show us that for the Berlin patient, it was not the chemotherapy or infusion of a donor's stem cells that staved off the HIV; it was the protection of the T cells by the lack of CCR5," Dr. Pablo Tebas, director of the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at the Penn Center for AIDS research, said in a statement.

My Thoughts

I think this is a great breakthrough in science. This disease has been tearing this world for many decades and I hope that this will lead sooner to an actual cure. One thing is that Im not seeing is that many time people have thought they have found the cure to a certain STD but then it really doesn't work. Many people around the world still need this cure. I really have faith that this one will work.