Now and Then

Cell Phones

The First Camera Phone

A camera phone is a mobile phone that is able to take pictures (and usually videos). The first camera phone was marketed by J-Mobile in Japan, and it was called J-SH04 (J-Phone). It was released it 2000.


The first Palm smartphone to operate outside of the Palm OS (Palm OS is a mobile operating system) was the Treo 700w, powered by Windows Mobile, it was a great phone for users who needed to access Microsoft software on the go.


The HTC EVO 4G from Sprint was the first cellular phone to meet 4G standard. It was sold powered by Android 2.1 and had one of the largest touchscreen displays.


Now there are phones like the iPhone 5s that has awesome iSight camera with larger pixels and a dual-LED flash, this 8-megapixel smartphone captures fantastic photos indoors and out, and the LG G Flex which can bend!
The Evolution of Cell Phone