Western Shoshone

By Berenice

Early Population

12,300 {2,000


Western Shoshone people lived in tipis. And there made out of different stuff to.

Food and Diet

Shoshone people ate buffalo, deer, and mountain sheep. They often hunted deer. They also ate roots, pine nuts, and seeds.


Porcupine quills were used to decorate Shoshone clothing.


These are some of the tools Shoshone people used, bow and arrow, short bow shot from horseback, and the war bow,

Art and Artwork

One of the art was called Maxine noel {by loyanmani

Famous native Americans

  1. Red cloud 1822-1909
  2. Cochise 1815-1874
  3. Squanto 1581-1622
  4. Sacajawea 1788-1812
  5. Geronimo 1829-1909
  6. Tecumsen 1768-1813
  7. Sitting bull 1831-1890
  8. Black hawk 1767-1838

Interesting Facts

This painting was called Maxine Noel. The Western Shoshone use bows to fish. Shoshone people also spoke in English.


The Western Shoshone have issued their own passports. Since 1982