Snow Leopard

Critically Endangered Animal

The Snow Leopard is a critically endangered animal

Natural habitat:

· Comes from the high rugged mountains of Central Asia. Snow Leopards are also found in: Afghanistan, India and China.

Snow Leopards live in the snow that is why they need nice thick warm fur to protect them against the cold. Their fur is white and grey with spots. They are 240cm long and are the largest endangered feline.

Interesting Facts about the Snow Leopard

· They can jump up to 15m in the air.

· They cannot roar.

· They are the animal on the Apple logo

The Snow Leopards Diet

· They eat meat (carnivorous).

· They are hunters.

Conservation Status

· Snow Leopards are on the IUCN Red List.

· There are 4000-6500 Snow Leopards left in the wild.

· They have been protected for 30 years.

· There have been sittings of Snow Leopards in the wild.


What noise do you think a Snow Leopard would make?