Leprechaun Trap

By: Frankie Klausen

My Contraption

My Leprechaun Trap is made out of a lever. It was designed to catch a leprechaun that is to busy looking for gold to see the trap. The green glittery path leads the leprechaun to the lever or see saw. The leprechaun spots the gold as the lever is falling to the ground, and jumps right off into the hole that is hidden under a pile of leaves. The hole is deep enough that the tiny angry leprechaun has no chance of getting out.

Materials Needed!!

* brown box
* green glittery duck tape
* a lever :
1. wood
2. a stand or something that will prop it up
* fake gold
* scissors
* hot glue gun
* plastic cup


Guarenteed to Catch a Pesky Leprechaun

How to Construct this Machine!!

First you can apply the green trail onto the box. The trail leads to the already assembled lever. The green tape must continue onto the lever!! Do not continue the tape from the box onto the lever, you must cut it and put new tape on, or the lever won't move. The hole then follows the lever. You should be constructing the machine on the bottom of the box, so you can open the top and make the hole in the box. The hole needs to be cut in a circle the length and width of the plastic cup. The plastic cup then needs to be glued under the hole. This is what the leprechaun will fall into. Back on top of the box, you will have to cover the hole with some leaves or any other object that will not prevent the leprechaun from falling. Once you have completed these steps your trap should be leprechaun trapping ready!!