By Meghan McWilliams and Amy Bowman

As democrats, we want to give opportunities to all Americans.

We believe all people should be able to pursue their goals no matter what their race, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation. We believe in equal education for everyone and want safe schools and healthy students.
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the government should be here to take care of your needs

As democrats, we pursue the federal government to have a strong role to directly help the problems faced by Americans, especially those who are less privileged.
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Supports the legalization of marajuana

Bernie sanders

  • Graduated from University of Chicago- while attending he was a member of the young people's socialist league
  • Former mayor of Burlington Vermont for 4 terms
  • Gained a spot in the House of Representatives

History of the democratic party

  • Thomas Jefferson- founder
  • Oldest voter based political party
  • Famous members- John F. Kennedy, George C. Wallace, Jimmy Carter
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Who supports us?

Vote Democrat We Will protect your rights

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