Looking For A Babysitter?

Michelle Andia


Name: Michelle Andia

Phone Number: (570) 832-1287

Availability: Monday-Friday (Except Wednesday) 4:45 PM - 8:00 PM

Where I Am Willing To Babysit: Local areas only // Milford PA, Matamoras PA. and Port Jervis NY.

Why Am I The Perfect Babysitter For You?


  1. Musician ( I can sing and dance )
  2. Crafty ( I like arts & crafts so I can challenge your kids to be creative )
  3. Organized ( I will keep everything nice and clean. You won't ever come home to a messy house! )
  4. Educated ( I read well and I can help your kids with their homework )
  5. Cooks Well ( I know how to cook a few meals so if your child ever gets hungry I can easily make a nice meal )
  6. On Task ( I always do more than I'm asked. I like to be prepared. Depending on your child's age, I will supply things to keep them entertained )

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Tablet with games
  • puppets

7. Patient

8. Fun Ideas ( I promise your child won't get bored! )

9. Positive ( If your child comes to me with a problem, I will do whatever I can to cheer them up and let them see the bright side )

10. Funny ( I will always do my best to keep a smile on your kids face! )