Fakeagram on me.

All about me, Athena!

I am the goddess of art, wisdom, courage, and inspiration.

My scared animal is the owl since they are wise animals.

Different symbols that I was given was an owl, armour, olive trees, helmets, and books!

My different hobbies and interests!

1). My first and favorite hobby is reading. Reading makes me smarter and happier. What kind of wisdom goddess would I be without books!? ( I have 3 librarys ).

2). I absolutely love to weave all different kinds of creations. About a couple thousand years ago, a girl tried to beat me in a weaving competition but, I turned her into a spider since she was so sure of herself. That definitely was not wise.

3). My last hobby is arts of crafts. This includes drawing, coloring, sculpting, e.t.c. While making arts and crafts, I think o the next creation I could make. I mean, I am a pretty awesome art goddess. Need a lesson? I'm definitely your person!

Friends and Family ( It's really just family )

"Knowledge is your greatest weapon in battle". - Me