Monday Morning Message

Carlisle Elementary

July 14, 2014

Upcoming Events....

July 18 - Mrs. Sanders' 6th grade Lock-in Benchmark incentive

July 25 - Rosters will be sent to teachers via Google Docs

July 31 - Class rosters posted for public to view

August 2 - CES Operation Renovation

August 4-5 - 6 Traits of Writing Workshop CES campus

August 14 - Open House

Great News!!

For those that I have not told personally, I am proud to announce that our new cafeteria tables should be here in the next couple of weeks! Please make sure to thank Mr. Clark and our board for supporting this proposal! Also, the Heritage League has agreed to purchase faux wood mini-blinds for the cafeteria. After Operation Renovation on August 2, our cafeteria will be rocking a new look!
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CES Operation Renovation

We will host the first annual Operation Renovation on Saturday, August 2 in the cafeteria. If you are able to help, please sign up here. I willl be sending out a Facebook blast this week. Please share on your Facebook page. I hope to have a good turnout of parents and community members to help us make CES shine!

CES Summertime Fun

Please email or text me 3-5 photos of your summertime family fun. I am working on a project and want to make sure I include everyone. If I could have these by August 1st that would be great! These will not be shared on line. Big thanks to all that have already sent photos! I have enjoyed looking at them!

Did You Know???

Teachers Pay Teachers accepts purchase orders!!

Staples Teacher Appreciation Days will be held August 2nd-5th!

We Are Teachers is a AWESOME resource!

Target offers field trip grants for schools!

Hobby Lobby offers 40% a regular priced item weekly!! Get this weeks coupon here.

Classrooms by Wal-Mart allows you to enter your classroom/grade level supply list online!

Choice Literacy DVDs Available

Interested in a new room design? Want to make some changes, but lack inspiration? Check out the Choice Literacy DVDs Simply Room Tours or Simply Beautiful. Both DVDs can be checked out through the front office. These would be beneficial to all teachers if you are looking to try something different in your classroom.

Vision...What does it mean to you?

To assist leaders in developing an appropriate vision, Nanus (1992) maintains that the "right vision" has five characteristics:

  • attracts commitment and energizes people,
  • creates meaning in workers' lives,
  • establishes a standard of excellence,
  • bridges the present to the future, and
  • transcends the status quo.

What is your vision for our school? Can you state it? Is it a collective vision? Are we moving toward that vision? I have ideas! (I know that you are all shocked by this) I have included some of my MANY "visions" below. Remember....we are a diamond in the rough and we must continue to work on our "sparkle"!

We are what we believe we are. C.S. Lewis