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First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

What's Happening in Week 16! {December 1st - 5th}

It's DECEMBER!! Yay! This is going to be a fun month! Christmas music has been downloaded on the iPad, our room is being decorated and we have a REAL Christmas tree! I have some great lessons planned and can't wait to see everyone again! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break!

Dates to Remember:

December 4th: Santa's Spy Field Trip

December 16th- Frozen Field Trip

December 19th: Christmas Party ~ Pancakes and Pajamas.
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I've written Santa asking for an Elf on the Classroom Shelf!

Fingers crossed that Santa will send an elf to our classroom on Monday, December 1st!

This Week in Math:

Chapter 7: Plane and Solid Shapes

Math Journals: December activities

Excel Lessons # 55-60

Math Facts: 5 minute drills

Math Centers: Skill of the week

Click on the link below to play review games or use the eGlossary .

Math Chapter 7 Test:

Draw a line to match the words rectangle, square, circle, triangle to the correct picture.

Identify how given objects are alike. (Ex: shape, color, size)

Write the number of sides and corners for a rectangle and a circle.

Identify a solid with 2 faces, all faces, and those that roll.

Science ~ Two Week Unit

Calling All Caribou!! We will be learning all about caribou with a non-fiction close reading, group presentations, and written reports! Oh my!

Vocabulary: migrate, herd, antlers, hoof, tundra, predator.

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Social Studies December Unit

Meet our new friend, Scott!

Scott will be traveling all over the world and will be sending us packages in the mail once or twice each week in December! We will learn about the Christmas and holiday traditions of the country he is visiting. Students will keep a travel journal and will learn a lot of amazing things! Look for souvenirs to come home and ask your child to tell you about the country and the tradition.

This is the video I will use to introduce Scott!

Holidays Around the World with Globe Trot Scott
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Math- Chapter 7- December 10th

Science- Caribou - December 12th

Social Studies- Performance Grade

December Crafts and Activities- Reindeer Themed