Thursday September 12, 2013

Mr. Glenn's Class: Continue Setting up our Technology


Today we will be:
Turning in our name tag.
Taking a spelling inventory in
Setting up our Groups.
Going to the Lab to set up our Google Drive Account.

Name Tag

Please take a picture of your nametag and turn it in to the assignment titled Name tag in the Assessment Group.

Spelling Test

We will be taking a spelling inventory in edmodo. I will be using this to put you into groups that you will feel comfortable in. Please do your best.

Edmodo Groups

We will be setting up our edmodo Groups today in the following areas: Reading: Spelling: Grammar: Writing.

Please try to keep up and pay attention.

Google Drive

Finally, we will be going to the lab ans setting up our Google Drive account. This is where we will do most of our publishing. It is a long slow process so please be patient. If you have a question ask one of the fifth graders they can help.