Haley's Poems

created in 4th grade 2013

Acrostic - Summer

Soon Summer will arrive

Underneath a tree so high

Maybe we can have Ice cream

Maybe all the birds will sing

Earth is such a pretty sight

Rather pleasant underneath a tree so high.

Haiku - I Love Summer

Summer's coming soon

I love swimming at the pool

l love ice cream, too.

Limerick - Boat named Sail

There once was a boat named Sail

He lived in a big red pail

One night it stormed

He was not warned

And he was hit by a big piece of hail.

My Bio Poem


Who is funny, smart, nice, and good

Daughter of Brandon and Holly

Lover of dogs and writting

Who fears storms and mice

Who needs food and shelter

Giver of support and kindness

Who would like to see Disney Land and Hawaii

Resident of Harlan

My Couplet Poems

Walking in the park I saw a bee.

Not long after that the bee saw me.

I saw an animal that could fly so hi.

Then a loud noise scared it so it flew by.

I saw a ladybug with spots.

I found him by my flower plots.

Shape Poem - Ice cream

Flavor, Chocolate, Vinilla, Twist, Yum, Cold, Cheeries, Desart, Melt, Delicious, Toppings, Cone, Hot, Drip, Sprinkles, Summer

My Diamante Poem


Brown, Big

Fast, Swims, Walks

Loud, Fun, Quiet, Small

Crawl, Leep, Prrr

Warm, Soft