“Organizer Professional Congress & Events"

Gestion Sur, is the name of my company, it organizes all kind of events in Chile or wherever you need, inside or outside of Chile. The events will be; Congress, seminars, corporate partys, social and government meetings and the other. Mainly, his headquarters is located on Puerto Varas, south of Chile, and we have external office in other city like Santiago, one of them in the North and another in the middle of the south of Chile, too. The actual mission is to be the most important and professional company for the organization of the government events.

The company was born in 1996, for looking the great need of events productions for the Salmon industry in the south. In those years, long time ago, there wasn´t a company with a professional product and total events organization. The idea was crear a mix of product to offer, like total organization, marketing team and design to promote at the new supplier company of salmon industry in the emergent and increase salmon production for export, develop of the special gastronomy for those events, have a multidisciplinary team in the audiovisual equipments, screen led, music, DJ, can we´ll develop creative and funny events for our customers, have personal or stuff people in different topics, and a lot of things necessary for the events.

The main achievements was attend 3 president of Chile during a presidential period; Lagos, Frei and Fujimori, and then continue working with the actual President Piñera, today, and was worked in the past with the President Bachelette too.

In the future,2014 to 2019 we hope to do a new commercial strategy like:

Increase the profit and sales results and I´m looking for introduce a new market out of Chile (may by Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Europe), with our actual clients Sernatur and Prochile, both dependent for the Foreign relations Ministry and