Babe Ruth

The best baseball player to have ever lived.

The beginning

In Ruth's early days, he refused to attend school and ended up getting enrolled at St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys. Which was a religious school for the catholic and mainly consisted of orphans, delinquents, and poor children from around the area. However, at this school Ruth met his first baseball instructor Brother Matthias who was a Xaverian Priest. Matthias was good enough support for Ruth that Ruth found himself with his first salary of $600 a year to play baseball with the Baltimore Orioles! While playing for Baltimore, Ruth earned his first nickname of Babe.

Changing the Game

At the time Babe Ruth entered the game of baseball, the era was known as the "dead ball" era where bunting and stealing bases were the common thing to be doing. However, baseballs were redesigned and some rules were changed so the 1920's began to be favored for power hitters like Babe Ruth.

The Yankee Years

In 1919, the Yankees bought Babe Ruth for a total of $125,000. Then, from 1919 to 1934, Ruth hit twenty- five or more home runs easily breaking records. With word of this spreading around, the Yankees' stadium became known as "The House That Ruth Built" because of 74,000 people broke the stadium's attendance record. At the end of Ruth's career, his team had won 111 games, won a World Series, and became known as the greatest baseball team of all time.