Educating Educators

Learning Never Stops

Continuing Education

Teachers play a key role in the learning development of children. No matter the age group, it is important for teachers to be educated with the current skills and knowledge to teach children. Teachers need continuous education. Learners never stop for teachers and childhood professionals. Educational trainings should be a requirement for teachers to keep up to date with the new skills and technology in the world.

Common Standard Practices

All teachers should have common standard practices. The common standard practices should reflect on the needs of the children. Standards should include cognitive development, literacy, language, and social development skills. These skills are important for all children success in education.

Teachers must be creative and open to connect with the children they teach. Although common practices are set in place teachers, must be fair and remember the need and skills of each child. Not all children learn the same so teachers must work to identify the learning skills and development of the child. Teachers have to be free in creating and teaching to support all children.

ISTE Standards for Teacher

Mastering the ISTE standards for teachers may take some time. Teachers are learning every day to prepare and master the skills they need to education the children in their care. There are more childhood professionals going back to school to enhance their education. Which will prepare them with the skills they need with the new standards for teachers. There are more counties and school boards providing in-service trainings to education and prepare teachers as well with the knowledge and skills.