Mrs. Gregory's Weekly Update

September 19-23

Important Dates to Know

September 21 One Sole Purpose Shoe Delivery

September 26-30: Book Fair

September 29: Grandparent's Day

September 29: 5:00 - 6:30 Open House

Thoughts to Ponder: Benefits of Music Therapy

We have now had three weeks of Music Therapy at Drury and I wanted to share with you a little about why I take our students. Several years back I began to learn about Music Therapy from a student at Drury. I had never really heard about Music Therapy before and I was intrigued. I knew my students learn in different ways and I knew the power of a song. We all have those songs stuck in our heads from years past. You might even have some songs in there some where from elementary school:)

So, we started pursuing the opportunity that was available just a block from school. We have now had a working relationship with the Center for Music Therapy and Wellness at Drury for 4 years. Twice a week we walk over and I get to watch some amazing women work with our students. They sing, play instruments, learn to be patient and take turns, learn to follow directions, and work on math and reading skills all while playing drums, cabasas, cocoricos and rain sticks. Personalities come out of these students that may not come out in the classroom. They learn songs that stick in their heads that they use when solving math problems. They relax and find a different avenue in which to learn.

Our students have written songs, engaged in impromptu karaoke sessions in which some deep thoughts about their world have emerged and have learned that music is a valuable way to learn. All of this happens at no charge to us. Grants and fundraising by the Center have covered all our costs.

In an article published on the Benefits of Music Therapy by the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, three benefits of Music Therapy are sited: Pain management and relaxation, emotional expression, socialization and distraction. I would like to add on to that learning in our setting.

I would like you to encourage you to take a look at their Facebook page to learn a little more about the amazing work they do.


Math Computation pages are coming home to practice facts. As students get stronger and quicker with facts, the rest of the math they are learning becomes much faster. Some websites on which they can practice are:, Brainpop (students can get there through their canvas page and the virtual library)

Reading and Fact and Opinion Practice pages are coming your way.


Due to a delay in receiving books, we will be starting our Fires Out of Control unit this week. We will focus on main ideas, text evidence, analyzing, target words and prefixes and suffixes. Students have been getting ready to go full steam ahead with their reading!

Our younger students will continue with the books they read last week. We will be reading about Amazing Animals, discussing adjectives, synonyms, questions words and punctuation.


We have finished our place value unit and are starting our focus on calculation. Students will be looking at properties of addition or multiplication. We will be meeting each one at the level that is comfortable yet challenging for them and moving forward from there. We will continue to review our place value within these next chapters and see how our skills build upon each other.


Opinion pieces are being written and refined. This week we will add informational text reading to gain facts for our opinions. We will also be focusing on good beginnings.