The Path to WW2

Balsubash B, Chris B, Bailey G

Germany's Path to War.

The Treaty of Versailles.

What caused Germany to enter the war was the harsh conditions of the Treaty of Versailles. The victors of World War 1 blamed Germany for starting the war. Germany was forced to decrease their military and give up some of their land to the victors.
Make Germany Pay - The Treaty of Versailles

Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

After World War 1 Germany was left in poverty, because they had to pay for all the damage. This lead to the economy to crash. Many people were living in poverty. Hitler promised the people food and power if they follow him. The people were desperate and they joined him.
The Rise of Hitler - Biography

Japan's Path to War.

Pearl Harbor.

On December 7th, 1941 Japan sent an air fleet to bomb Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Japan hoped to cripple the U.S navy fleet. Japan destroyed 16 ships and killed over 2,000 men. This was a result of the U.S putting an embargo on oil and scrape metal with Japan. Pearl Harbor caused the U.S to get involved in the War.
Attack on Pearl Harbor - Footage and Aftermath

Japan fights China.

In 1941, the Sino-Japanese war became part of World War 2. The Sino-Japanese war started when Japan captured much of Chinese territory. The Japanese sized key coastal cities and they moved towards the Chinese capital. Though they capture these ares it was hard to maintain them because the Chinese used guerrilla warfare.
Japanese Invade China 1937

Essential Questions

EQ #1

How did Hitler gain so much power?

EQ #2

Why did Japan join Germany's side during World War 2?