Gear VR

Glasses of virtual reality!

gear vr

Are a glasses of augmented reality, created by Samsung. One of the last gadgets, the technology advances more quickly than we think. With this glasses we can live a fabulous a experience and we watch the reality with another eyes.


The glasses are very light and they are very easy to use; the glasses have a wheel to calibrate the picture, this wheel is above de glasses.
The glasses are not only used in video games, it is also used in various branches, for example, in medicine.
With the glasses you can perform simulation experiments. For example, how people react in an emergency exit, simulating feelind of humen deings , because having a field to ealk and see 360º
It is possible ptacticing a skill outside risks, for example aviation, with ou the possibility that something is serious in reality.
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The glasses works only with some Samsung's phones. Gear vr cost 200, but if you don't have the phone, the cost become at 700E. The batery of the glasses only last 4 hours.
You can get vertigo and dizzy, you can actually cause a lot of addiction, because the virtuality in the immersive mode can be a serius problem for many teenagers addicted to video games inconvenience.
Although there are more applications outside of video games, they are not developed in no excess, and we must do more to investigate we can serve humanity, not just games.
If the technology become popular over time, it can be a threat to all humanitu because it generates isolation in people because a total estrangement from reality. this can have consequences in communicarion rigged people, as more and talk less, emotions are lost.
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I think that now the glasses are more disadventages than adventages, but with time and more prototips the glasses become a important part of our lifes.
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