Laser Surgery For Snoring Treatment

by Eli Yoshida-Montezuma

So, what is laser surgery?

Laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) surgery uses an intensely hot, precisely focused beam of light to remove or vaporize tissue and control bleeding in a wide variety of non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures.

Laser-Assisted Uvula-Platoplasty (LAUP)

This is the procedure that is used to cure snoring. It has been available in Australia for the treatment of snoring since 1993 but receiving more recognition now. It is a relatively safe and effective surgical procedure. LAUP techniques may be performed in the office setting using a local anesthetic or under general anesthesia.

In this procedure the patient usually remains fully awake and sitting upright on a comfortable chair. After the area has been treated with a local anesthetic, the specially designed CO2 or Swiftlaser is used to ablate the uvula, trim and reshape the excessive tissue, which is usually the cause of snoring.

The procedure will take 10-15 minutes. Some clinics can fix the problem in 2-5 sessions other in only 1.Each session takes 10-15 minutes. The sessions are 6-12 weeks apart. The patient can return after 4-6 weeks to have more of the soft tissue removed if the problem continues after the full treatment.

The Cost. Will Insurance cover it?

The cost can be anywhere from $750-$2000 CND. It depends on the snoring clinic and physician you choose.

Although the SwiftLaser has FDA marketing clearance specifically for the treatment of snoring, insurance carriers may or may not routinely reimburse for the LAUP procedure. You should check with your insurance carrier for information about specific benefits.

Advantages of Laser Surgery

-Laser procedures usually involve less bleeding than conventional surgery

- Because a smaller incision is required, laser procedures often take less time (and cost less money) than traditional surgery.

Disadvantages of Laser Surgery

-Body Parts that were operated on may swell up or become sore for days,weeks, or months after the procedure.

-Imprecisely aimed lasers can burn or destroy healthy tissue.

Is LAUP right for you?

You must consult with your doctor to know for sure but here are 2 hard rules for LAUP: you must be an adult and you have already tried many other anti-snoring devices to cure your problem. LAUP should be your last resort.

My Opinion on Laser Surgery

I condone laser surgery but as a last resort because if it is done wrong it could do some serious damage. I agree that laser surgeries can do wonders but it can also bring much disaster. So I would not recommend laser surgery unless it is life or death or it is a serious menace to your everydaylife/job and you have tried everything else.

Once Again

Make sure you have tried all other anti-snoring devices or tricks before you choose LAUP.

Look into snoring exercises to help you stop snoring, herbal supplements, and even your own sleep hygiene. Try looking for something more natural and keep an eye out for any new articles on LAUP. Thanks for reading and contact the place below for more information.

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