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A note from Mr. Mowen

Dear Parents & Caregivers:

As we continue to make progress in the 4th Quarter, I wanted to give you an update on a couple of upcoming events. The State of Illinois is still requiring students complete the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (3rd-5th Grade) and Illinois Science Assessment (5th Grade). The dates for those assessments are listed below. During testing weeks it is critical that students are eating a good breakfast and getting plenty of sleep. Helping with these two things can really make a difference for students' confidence and performance.

March was a great month for Northside and our students. We were excited to see our students more consistently. The classrooms were filled with laughter and learning and it was terrific. We look forward to a great 4th quarter.

Joe Mowen


Northside Elementary School

April Calendar Items

March 29th - April 5th - No School - Spring Break

April 4th - Easter

Tuesday, April 6th - School Resumes - In-Person Day

April 6-30 - Virtual Kindergarten Registration Window Opens

April 6th-9th - Illinois Science Assessment (5th Grade)

Apr. 7th - Remote Learning Day

Apr. 8th - In-Person Day

Apr. 9th - In-Person Day

April 12th -14th - Preschool Screening - At Northside

Wednesday, April 14th - District Wide Professional Development Day - No Remote Learning

Wednesday, April 14th - 3rd-5th Remote Students ONLY IAR/ISA Testing @ Millikin, 7:50 AM

Apr. 19th-23rd - IAR Testing - Grades 3-5

April 20th - In person Kindergarten Registration - 5-7 pm @ Northside

Wednesday, April 21 - 3rd-5th Remote Students IAR/ISA Testing @ Millikin, 7:50 AM

May 3rd-7th - MAP Testing - Grades K-5

May 4th - PTA Meeting @ 6:00 PM - Virtual

May 21st- Last Day of School

Preschool Screening

Preschool screening for the Ladders to Learning and Leap Ahead programs will be held April 12, 13, 14. If you are interested in getting your child screened, please call Mrs. Dickey at (309) 945-0612 after March 2nd to schedule a screening appointment.

Northside Academic Challenge

Last month we had almost 150 students complete the academic challenge. That is absolutely fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Remember the goal is 1 hour a week (4 hours a month) on Reflex/Map Accelerator outside of school. For preschool and kindergarten the goal is to read 30 books for the month.

Thank you for your support with this initiative.

Math and Reading Club Starting 4th Quarter

Math and Reading Club will continue to take place for the Month of April on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The club will take place after school until 3:15. Students have been learning a lot and having a great time. It has been going incredibly well. Thank you for your efforts to make it happen.

Wednesday Educational Opportunities

We will continue with Wednesday Activities for 4th Quarter. Below are the dates for April.

April 7th - Link

April 21st - Link will be sent the Monday, April 19th

April 28th - Link will be sent the Monday, April 26th

Reading Corner - Five-Finger Rule

The “Five-Finger Rule” is a simple technique for checking if a book is at the right book level for your child to read independently. Follow these steps with your child:

  • Have your child read one page from anywhere in the book.

  • Each time they come to a word they don't know, hold up a finger.

  • If you’re holding up three or fewer fingers when they're finished reading the page, the book should be at the right book level for them to read independently.

  • If you’re holding up four or five fingers, this book may be too difficult for your child to read on their own. Either read this book with your child or encourage them to select another book.

  • If you’re holding up six or more fingers, this book is too difficult. Help your child select another more appropriate book.

  • Teach your child to use the “Five-Finger Rule” when self-selecting books.

Mrs. Amy Medley

Northside Reading Specialist