Human Impact project... Overfishing

By: Cayden Doy

Reason #1

-The large profit-seeking commercial fleets were thirsty for more fish. They were getting more and more specific in their methods to catch more fish

-90 million tons of fish were taken from the ocean. Orange roughy, Chilean Sea Bass, and Bluefin tuna have collapsed.

Scary facts...

- Industrial fishing has reduced the big ocean 10% prior to the pre-industrial population.

-In 2006 journal science grimy predicted that if we keep up fishing at the same rate we are moving at then all the hatcheries will collapse by 2048.

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Reason #2

  • They are saying that they need to create a fishing sanctuary for the fish to keep the state of the ocean.

  • Fishing fleets are moving to new ground because they are running out of fish in there original spot.

Scary facts #2...

-63% of fish stocks are now considered overfished. 40,000 jobs were lost due to overfishing the fish species cod.

- We have lost 99% of European eels. Also 95% of Bluefin tuna.

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last and final reason to not overfish... #3

  • We have every strategy to catching fish. Trawl nets, drift nets, longlines, GPS sonar ect…

  • Species like cod and bluefin tuna have almost dwindled to 90%

  • Many of the countries have tried to improve the fishing rate. Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Scary facts and quotes...

-" Ray Hilborn, a marine biologist at the University of Washington, told me last year. Overfishing isn't inevitable. We can fix it.

-They have estimated that about 58% of fish stocks have collapsed.

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