The Attacks of September 11 2001

Lauren Tarshis

Karina Padron

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Plot Outline

Exposition;Lucas and Uncle Benny are football fans they love it ? Until that day while playing football he fell and got hit in the head?

TE;And of Lucas went, his arms stretched out so long he felt like he could grab the sun but something went wrong ?

Ricing Action;Lucas went to the Doctor and he the doctor told him he can never play football again that made him feel sad so him and his mom went back home and Lucas went and grabbed his bicycle and he pedaled as fast as he could to get to the train station to talk to Uncle Benny ,so he got there and went to New York .

TE;He got their wen the action started he had never seen a plane fly so low he could see the letters on it and it looked like he was heading towards the twin towers ?

Climax;Airplanes are crashing towards the twin towers?

TE;Why are they crashing here it took for years to build the tower?

Falling Action ;Airplanes stopped and they think who ever is doing this they are doing it on purpose ?

TE;because every one was saying to stop ,but they didn't stop.

Resolution;Now Lucas can play football again ,but things will never be the same?

TE;because the airplanes crashed in the twin towers and because he could not play and now he can

Man vs Machine

The conflict is man vs machine because the twin tower is just standing their and the planes are attacking the twin towers


This story was about a boy that loves football ,but he got injured and can't play football again.He got sad and he knew the only person that can cheer him up was his Uncle Benny and this is were the action started to began. Lucas saw an air plane fly so low he could see the letters in it and he saw it was coming towards the twin towers and that's wen every one started to scream STOP!

Antagonist and Protagonist

  • The planes are antagonist because they are crashing towards the twin towers.
  • Lucas is the protagonist because he is a main character and because he was their wen the airplanes crashed into the twin towers.

Facts about 9/11/2001

  • 9/11 was not the first terrorist attack on the world trade center ,a bombing in February of 1993 killed 6 people.
  • It took firefighters 100 days to extinguish all the fires ignited by the attacks in New York.
  • Nearly 3,000 people were killed ,400 were police and firefighters.
  • 4 planes attacked the twin towers this happen at 9:59a.m.

The Role

The role of the story is wen Lucas went to visit Uncle Benny because Lucas went to New York and he saw airplanes flying ,then he saw they were coming after the twin towers. After he saw they were coming towards they saw that they were flying really low ,that low that Lucas could see the letters on the airplane. Then they thought it might be coming towards the twin tower. Then BOOM the first airplane has crashed into the twin towers.Wen the four airplanes stopped the firefighters went and rescue all the people that were left inside the building.