News of the Week

Mrs. Heidi's Class September 12-16, 2016

Please Mr. Panda

This week was all about Please Mr. Panda, which is a wonderful story about courtesy and manners. We made donut art and had a donut shop in creative play. The most fun was when the children acted out the story, taking the parts of the different animals.
The butterflies continue to play an important part in our school life. We have been following several butterflies as they emerge and spread their wings. We got out the magnifying glasses to watch several tiny caterpillars on the passion vine.

What's Coming Up

Next week we will be exploring the wonderful world of Pete the Cat. These books celebrate individuality and the excitement of the school experience. We will be painting a school bus in our creative play area and doing button art. We will be doing sun prints, a historic photographic technique, for science.