Gateway Digital Project

By Miles Luther

How They Get Around

They get around o chariots and they ride them mostly and if they are walking a far way they will wear sandals most of the time they take them off and carry them and the ride camels to because they only have a few horses for there chariots if they ride them they might get to hot and they might die and that won't be good because they can not ride there chariots any more because they don't have any more of there horses

How Did They Built The Pyramid?

They took some logs and put them on the ground then they put the stones on top of all the logs and they had some people pushing it and they had some of them pulling a top and when they would push it a log would roll out from under it so they would have two people th stand at the back to catch the logs so when they would fall off they would pick them back up and put them in the front of it