everyone has it! You'll find it at the end of the aisle


Do you teens ever have pressure? Can't handle all the drama? Want to get your parents off your back? Well the fin can end it all! Fin is the all new magic button that stops what you want! ANY TIME! ANYDAY!


Fin is all new! And able to do things that you would never imagine! It can:

~ make your parents stop yelling at you!

~ cut all the drama at school!

~ make you feel popular!

~bully your bullies!

~take you to a serene place, away from all your brothers and sisters!

Statistics show that 99.9 of the customers are happy with this new product!

Story of the wonderful fin!

As a kid F and I have always been best friends, but N hadn't been their friend till 6th grade year.. F had been showing N around the school and I felt left out, so I introduced herself to N. F, I, and N, had been getting along pretty well, so well that they became best friends! But N felt a little left out out and jealous of F and I's relationship, she felt like she was a third wheel. They spoke to each other about it, and F and I tried not to third wheel N anymore. They ended up all getting along and going to collage together to pursue their dream of owning a company. Their company name Would be name FIN, they made a deal that it would make all your stress and troubles of friends end instantly with a push of a button.