Coweta Charter Academy

1st day

Dance class was a complete success!!! They students came ready to learn and with great manners and behavior. This day the students learned Jazz inspired by Hip Hop. Let them show you the steps they learned to up beat music of your choice.

Our classes consist of:


Dance Technique exercises in the center

Across the floor technique/skills one or two at a time

Dance Choreography/phrasing


I few notes from the instructor:

  • Please have your child wear fitted shorts or leggings underneath skorts and jumpers.
  • Bring a hair tie to tie hair back out of face if needed
  • They should bring an extra pair of socks because the floor in carpeted.

Class Schedule/Communication

October, 22nd - Lyrical Ballet- elements of classical ballet incorporated with jazz and contemporary dance styles

November, 5th - Jazz

November, 12th - Lyrical Ballet

Please feel free to contact Ms. Felecia for questions (info below). You may also comment directly on this email.