Triple X Syndrome

What is it?

Triple X syndrome or XXX syndrome is a chromosomal disorder only affecting women.

What are the symptoms and Characteristics?

Some of the symptoms of Triple X syndrome is that they victims are taller than average, learning disability, and poor muscle tone.

Is it fatal or life threatening?


Do people who have this syndrome experience symptoms early in life or later on?

The people who get this have it and it's affects their entire life.

How does a person get this syndrome? Is this a mutation or genetically inherited? What does the Karyotype look like.

The chromosomes mess up. Neither. 3x's instead of 2.

Prevalence: How many people are affected by this syndrome? Is it rare or common?

1/1000 woman which makes this syndrome rare.

Who discovered this syndrome and when was this syndrome discovered.

Patricia Jacobs discovered it in 1959.

List any useful or interesting information about this syndrome in the following space.

It affect learning increased chance of mental illness.