Hosting 101

How to host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

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Hostess Rewards

The above image explains the hostess rewards program for Origami Owl. Our amazing Holiday Hostess Exclusive can be yours for FREE if your Jewelry Bar reaches $1000 in retail sales. If 10-12 people come to your jewelry bar and place an order, this goal is within reach! In addition to the FREE exclusive, you will earn 30% of the total sales in FREE jewelry and 4 additional items of your choice at 50% off!

But don't worry if your Jewelry Bat does not reach $1000! To start earning jewelry and discounts, your Jewelry Bar needs to reach $250 in sales (and 4 orders)! At this level you will receive 15% of total sales in FREE jewelry, 1 item at 50% off and the opportunity to purchase the hostess exclusive at 25% off!

Steps to Plan a Jewelry Bar!

1- select a date!

2- provide me with your address, email address, and date/time of Jewelry Bar

3- I will create a smore flyer (like this one) that includes an area for guests to RSVP. I will provide you with the link to your flyer that you can email, text, post on facebook, etc.

4- This flyer will also contain the jewelry bar code for guests to order online if they are unable to attend your actual jewelry bar! So feel free to invite people from out of town/out of state! They can order online and still support you!

5- share the flyer with anyone and everyone you know! It is best to send the flyer individually, and not in group message/text...make your guests feel important:)

6-provide appetizers/drinks for your guests- keep it simple- do not stress! an appetizer, a dessert, a drink option of two...

Time for your Jewelry Bar!

On the day of your Jewelry Bar, I will arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your guests to set up and answer any last minute questions you may have. The Jewelry Bar is very low-key...I bring my set up and guests can play with the jewelry and design their pieces:) At the end of the Jewelry Bar, I will calculate total sales and let you know how much you have earned in hostess rewards!

Christine Mejia

Thank you for hosting! I look forward to helping your guests design memorable pieces for themselves and their loved ones! Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have! (image is of me (I am the one in grey), my baby girl Abigail, and Chrissy and Bella Weems- co founders of Origami Owl)