We Need a Hero

The Next Genocide 2020

Human Trafficing 101

Slavery was never completely abolished. Many are unaware that thousands of men, woman, and children are taken, coerced and used for exploitation everyday. To cut out trafficking means not only giving peoples rights back but saving thousands of lives. Giving many people a chance to have a "normal" life.

What does it take?

A clear insight on our Motto

"Accept what's being done to those people, if you wouldn't mind it being done to you."

They must value Human rights and dignity. We hold a strong belief that everyone was made equal, every life has value and God loves us all. Being a part of the fight you are their voice crying out for help.

Most importantly we feel trafficking is incredibly wrong. We are called to love them no matter what the situation. They have no voice so we must be strong and proud to stand up for their life.

We respect all peoples rights but the punishment for the people trafficking humans should be severe. They must bring justice to those who deserve it and share love and kindness as they go throughout the community and raise awareness.

We must stand tall through whatever we face. They should be willing to sacrifice their own life in order to save another. To attempt any and everything to reach our goals as a community.

A HTH or a human trafficking hero can be anyone, what sets them apart are their strengths and their beliefs. They stand up and speak out to make everyone aware that they are against human trafficking. They are quirky and not afraid to speak out.

Be a hth today!