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Week of October 28th

Thank you for helping make NCE the best school EVERY DAY!

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Important Events for the Week:

Monday, October 28th

  • 3rd Grade Planning Day at PLC Building, Horton 8 AM

  • 5th Grade Camp Flintlock on Campus

Tuesday, October 29th

  • ELA Check-in for 4th and 5th grades! We are testing around the building so please keep the halls quiet.

  • MTSS at 11 in PLC room

  • Teacher Meeting in AIG room after dismissal (4th grade - Snacks)

Wednesday, October 30th

Thursday, October 31st

  • Early Release at 11:30 (you will be able to use this day for conferences/planning!)

  • 1:30 - Classified Staff Meeting in the media center (for those that have not had the new evaluation training).

Friday, November 1st

  • Required Workday/Parent Teacher Conferences/Professional Development for non-classroom teachers (see info. below)

  • There will be no scheduled PLC’s this week. Due to the short week, check in schedule, parent-teacher conferences, etc. we are going to break this week from scheduled PLC’s. However, I encourage you to meet as a grade level to support each other as needed! You will have Thursday afternoon for planning/conferences! Please let Mandy, Carla or Eddie know if you need anything!

There is new furniture in the PLC room! This has been a maybe for two years and we are thankful that district furniture funds were able to make it happen!

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Thursday & Friday Information:

Early Release - Thursday

Please look on the Early Release Lunch schedule button for Thursdays early release lunch schedule. 3rd, 4th and 5th will eat lunch in their rooms.

5th and 3rd grade will be the only grades that will have specials on Thursday.

Please make sure you know how children are going home Thursday early! Let us know if you need help contacting parents.

November 1st District PD: If you are not a classroom teacher, you are expected to attend professional development on November 1st. Please see below:

MTSS Teams: Coaching CHAMPS (Evans, Ross, DePietro, Loftus, Trygar/Murray) - This session will be an all day session from 8:30 - 3:00 at Horton MPR.

Instructional Assistants/Pre-K Teachers/AIG teachers - CHAMPS Training - Ag Center from 8:15 - 11:15

Specials teachers/ESL Teachers: CHAMPS Training - Ag Center from 12:15 - 3:30

Other department trainings can be found at the teacher portal. eachers can find more information on the Teacher Portal: CCS Homepage > Staff Resources > Teacher Portal > Professional Development (in the upper right corner) > Nov. PD day

PLEASE let Carla know if you have questions about where you should be on Friday!

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  • ASIS Visits - NCE will have two ASIS walkthroughs this year! This is not meant to be evaluative. I always look at it as an opportunity to show off all the great things happening daily at our school/ in your rooms. One visit will be prior to Winter Break and the other in the Spring semester.

  • Observations - Observations for those on the abbreviated and standard plan types are beginning!

  • Report Cards go home with all students on November 7th.
  • 3-5 grade teachers will need to have all grades submitted to Evonne/PowerSchool by 8:00 on November 4th.
  • K-2 teachers will need to have report cards completed by November 5th. Carla/Eddie will come by to review the pm of the 5th.

  • NC Check-Ins Reminders:

    • 4th and 5th Grade will take the NC Check-In for reading on Tuesday, October 29th

    • Please check the updated log-in support here

  • Administrators- Please have materials checked out of the PLC room no later than 7:30

  • K-2 Teachers- Keep the hallways quiet. There is no recess until testing is complete.

  • Science Fair: Science Fair is fast approaching. Entry forms are due Monday, October 28. Please return completed forms to Juliana Maul (form does require a teacher signature). Display boards are available in the Media Canter after entry forms are turned in. Projects will be due November 19. Also, there will be an open house on November 19 from 5:30 to 7:00. All are invited!

Duties for the Week:

AM Duty:

Early Bus/Cafe/Lobby: Trejio, K. Horton

Main Lobby/Hallway : Webster

Intersection/MPR Lobby: Gendron

4th/5th Hallway: Spencer

Buses: Trygar

Cars: Murray, Brooks, Parrish, Avila, Stahoviak, B. Horton

PM Duty:

Bus Ramp: Trygar, Bland, Crankshaw

Late Bus: Trygar, Avila, Brooks, Parrish, K. Horton

Cars: Hatcher, Rife de los Santos, Hamilton, Knaus, Torres, Membreno, Gendron, Evans Rowland- Team Leader, Maul- Team Leader

Big Money for NCE from the Chatham Education Foundation!!!

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