Fight Back Against Cyber-bullying

Help prevent cyber-bullying and online harassment

The Problem

Up to 43% of kids have been bullied online

35% of kids have reported being threatened online

58% of kids who have been bullied, have kept this information from their parents

4 out of 10 kids report that they have received mean or threatening messages online on more than one occasion

Castillo Dominici, David. Stop Bullying Stock Image. Digital Image. Free Digital Photos. 10 April 2013. 1 July 2014.

Ways that We Can Help

Parents can help by learning the warning signs, so that they can recognize when their children are hiding abuse from them and try to help them.

The websites themselves can help by creating more visible and accessible ways to report any harmful messages or comments, as well as block any online presences who are sending them such messages and comments.

Friends can help by watching out for their friends, speaking with their friends, and informing schools counselors when they witness or hear of any harmful activity on the internet. As well as hitting the "report button" themselves.

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