By Chloe Repp and Ally Taylor

What an aneurysm is and who is most likely to get it

  • Refers to bulge of the wall or lining of a vessel commonly occurring in the blood vessels at the base of the septum, or within the aorta
  • People most likely to get aneurysms-males
  • Other names for aneurysms-cardiac aneurysm (seen in left ventricle)

Symptoms of aneurysms

  • Bleeding, increased heart rate, pain, feeling dizzy or lightheaded

How aneurysms are diagnosed

  • CT scans, ultrasounds
  • Diagnosed by a cardiothoracic or vascular surgeon

Treatment methods

  • Depends on the location and type of aneurysm, medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Certain types of beta-blockers maybe prescribed to lower blood pressure, lowering blood pressure may keep aneurysms from rupturing.


With diagnosis and proper surgical treatment, most people recover fully.

Preventions of aneurysms

  • Maintaining a healthy diet eating meat poultry low in saturated fat and chololesterol, exercise like cardio, no smoking
Aneurysms - Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & More…