Coaching Corner

May 9, 2016

Our mission at Carroll is to inspire and empower learners.

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Thank you for sending me your goals for writing conferences. I will be using these to create coaching groups that have similar goals. This will allow us to learn from each other.

I still have a spot in our book club for "How's it going?". If you are interested in learning more about writing conferences and would like to participate, please let me know!

Learning New Things

Language to Use in Writing Conferences

The language below is a bank of conferencing prompts to help guide you during your daily writing conferences. Using formative assessment and anecdotal notes, you will choose the appropriate stems to meet your writer’s needs.

Teacher prompts that encourage metacognition (promotes student self -assessment)

· How is your writing going?

· How can I help you with your writing?

· What are you working on next in your writing?

· What did you decide to write about?

· How did you go about choosing this topic?

· Where are you in writing your draft?

· What do you think about this piece of writing?

· What have you learned about your topic that you want to say?

· Tell me more about…

· Read the part that you like best.

· Read your lead/ending aloud.

· What do you want to do next in your writing?

· Do you have any questions about your writing?

· I notice that you… How/why did you do this?

· What is the best part of your writing so far?

· If you wanted to add to your writing, how would you do that?

· Is there a part where more information is needed?

· I notice you use this word ________, how did you go about choosing it?

· Is there any part of your writing that is confusing?

· What would you like to do with this piece of writing when it is finished?

· Have you varied the way your sentences begin?

· Did this make sense to you?

· Could we choose a different word for this?

· I need more information about …

· I am lost in this part. Explain your thinking here.

· Does this beginning grab your reader?

Teacher Comments to reinforce and provide encouragement

· I like this writing because…

· I like the part where…

· I like the way you explained…

· I like the order of your writing because…

· I like these details…

· I like these words you chose…

· I like your ending because…

· I like the way that your writing made me feel…

· I like how organized your writing is. It made me feel…

Possible Student Comments

· My writing is about…

· I am working on…

· I chose this topic because…

· I am on __________stage of the writing process.

· I am concerned about…

· I conferred with (peer) and discovered that…

· I want to publish this piece because…

Fountas and Pinnell, Guiding Readers and Writers, p.81, Figure 5-26. Language to Use in Writing Conferences.

*This list is available on Eduphoria Forethought under ELA resources