A Free Health Event!

Did you ever wonder…

About relationships? About sex? What’s abstinence? What about birth control? What are STDs and HIV? How do I protect my health, my future? Do you want to get the facts and skills to protect your health and future?

The Teen Awareness Group of Hudson Headwaters Health Network will be presenting numerous FREE five hour multimedia health education programs for teen’s ages 13 to 18 focusing on risk reduction and sexual health and wellness. Each workshop provides facts and information to help teens delay sexual activity; prevent unplanned pregnancy and STD/HIV infections.

Take 5

Tuesday, Dec. 30th, 10am-3pm

65 Hudson Ave

Glens Falls, NY

What is the Take 5 program?

This is a multimedia health education program focusing on sexual health is for teens ages 13-18. It provides facts and information to help delay sexual activity, prevent teen pregnancy and STD/HIV infections among area teens. This FREE 5-hour program features material from the evidence-based “Be Proud! Be Responsible!” curriculum.

Anything Else?

Registration and Parental Permission is Required!

All teens attending the program will receive:

  • Free Lunch & Snacks
  • A Certificate of Completion
  • A Complimentary Regal Cinemas Movie Pass
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