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Weaving Words of Winter

The mood is shifting in the school year; flannel Fridays, stores full of shoppers, and hot chocolate. The upcoming holidays are filling us at RVR with inspiration from the cold weather and change of environment. Scroll below to see what we've come up with in the spirit of winter.
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"Walking into Winter" Genevieve P.


Eye of the Tiger

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First Frost of Fall by Lauren M.

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Elizabeth A.

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Caylee H.

"Nature's Neutrals" Genevieve P.

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"Palette" Harika C.

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Skylar G.

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Varunihka S.

Victoria D.

VSCO moments (lol)


Poet's Pride

This I Know by Caylee H.

This decade’s almost over

The end of the years draw near

I have so much to be thankful for

within these past 10 years

My family who I love more than anything in the world

They’re with me through my tears and smiles

And all that’s in between

I’m thankful for my friends who have been in and out of my life

They’re woven in my memories forever in my heart

I’m thankful for my teachers who push me to make me stronger

I’m thankful for the little kids who are my neighbors

They want nothing then what’s the best for me

I’m thankful for all the kids who I have babysat

Bundles of joy, with hope still in their eyes

I’m thankful for everyone one of you

Who I might not personally know

But every part inside of me

Tells me this I know

You might not think of anyone who loves you head to toe

But trust me, someone’s out there

And this I know

The people who love YOU the most

Is your family

So now it’s time to thank them

For everything they’ve done

For this decade is almost over,

as the years full of memories slowly draw to a close

Transfer into Winter by Caylee H.

The leaves fall,

disintegrate into the earth,

the bare sticks begin to get heavy,

a white sand atop them.

Reach out to touch it,

Only for it to recoil and disappear.

You see it only for brief times,

It likes to transform and shape-shift.

Look closely,

Each flake its own unique self.

Like crystals of the earth that no one can have,

Can’t sell them, nor buy them,

Only for looking.

You see them one time during each year,

Unless you go north or south,

To one of the poles.

So, treasure the moment,

That time of the year,

And snuggle in with your family

And the ones you hold dear.

To watch the white blanket, fall down from the sky

To sleep, oh so peaceful, looking up toward the sky

You see them one time during each

it's only been a year

the pictures on my phone

worth more than a million words

still all the things left unsaid

are the ones that torment

replaying them in my head

sometimes so deep I can still feel them

as if they were the skin on my neck

on the roof of my mouth

down my throat

i'm swallowing it in deep breaths

i look in the mirror and it's cliche to say

but I'm not nearly the same

not who I was 6 months ago

3 months

2 weeks

1 day

i sometimes wonder if they can see it

in the bags under my eyes

the coldness hiding behind my smile

if they reached out to me

could they inhale a sense of my reality

they look at the clock

and count the minutes until

not the ones past by

only when they close their eyes

the clocks rewind

swimming in the sea of my subconscious

even though i hate the ocean

i'm fighting against sinking in

reality sinking in

i don't have to be asleep

to feel like

i'm drowning

Artist's Avenue

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Maddy W.

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Josh H.

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Sienna S.

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Ksenia S.

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Shivani P.

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Maria Q.