Bandwagon: A Problem in the Media

By: Brady Pearce

Are you falling into the domino effect that is called bandwagon?

“Can I have this? Everyone has it. I need it, or else I won’t be cool.” Everyone is a victim of, bandwagon, including myself. Let’s face it, if everyone else at your school has it, and you don’t you're going to feel left out. Bandwagon is a problem, because less fortunate kids get make fun of, because everyone has the new, in style shoes, and they can’t afford it. Bandwagon is buying something, because everyone else has it. Products like Nike, Abercrombie, and Apple benefit from it. Their big names are made, because of bandwagon. Everytime you walk down the street you're bound to see someone wearing, or using these products. Bandwagon, while it may work, is one of the reasons kids are being bullied; people need to stop wearing stuff because others are, but because they like it.

Many people are being affected by bandwagon. 83% of kids get bullied, because they don't have the things that everyone else has. Another problem with bandwagon is that more lids, are wasting their parents’ money. This will lead to more kids getting spoiled, and getting whatever they want. This is a major problem, because in the real world you don’t get what you want all the time. Bandwagon is the start of a big chain reaction.

I can do many things to stop bandwagon, I can wear things, not because of brand, but because of personal preference. I can also persuade others to do the same. Together we can eliminate bandwagon. The less the bandwagon, the more people can express their personality. It will make more people confident too. I will try to do the best I can to make bandwagon, not a big deal.

Bandwagon is one of the leading causes of bullying,. Less fortunate people can not keep up with the trends that Nike, and other brands have. This, if we don't stop it will cause major bullying across the globe.


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