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SEPI Practitioner Series: Alumn Sophia Hyder, MIDP '12 Talks Sustainable Biz in Bangladesh!

Thursday Feb. 28, 12-12:40
Lunch provided!

Sophia Hyder is the Founder and CEO of Evolvemint. The idea for her social brand emerged when she wanted to find a way to incorporate her two favorite things, fashion and international development. She has been successful with this endeavor. She has recently been invited to be a guest blogger for Redress Raleigh, and has been accepted as a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum's Fellowship 500. Sophia graduated from Sanford in 2012 with a Masters in International Development Policy. Her Masters Thesis focused on "How to Incorporate Women Enterprises into the Silk Industry in Bangladesh."

Evolvemint empowers women through sustainable fashion and economic development initiatives. Evolvemint’s innovative business model merges fashion with sustainable economic development approaches without compromising the environment, quality, and classic style. Scarves, dresses, and skirts are crafted from silk that is ethically sourced from suppliers in Bangladesh, as well as recycled saris. This practice not only minimizes textile waste, but is a key component of our creative process: adapting traditional patterns for a broader market by giving them a modern, multicultural twist. In addition, design is not a one-way street; we are influenced by creative feedback from our customers, and shifts in global trends.

Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit on Sustainability

April 5 - 7, 2013 at Duke and UNC

Applications are open for the Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit, an exciting three-day academic conference on the topic of US-China relations held at Duke and UNC each year. This year’s conference theme is Sustainability: the sustainability of China’s environmental policies, its economic policies and trade relations with the United States, prevalent political trends and models, as well as issues of cultural and social transition. More information, a rough schedule and the application can be found at It's an exciting (and free!) opportunity. Applications due MARCH 1, 11:59 PM. All interviews will be conducted before March 7 and all decisions made by March 8 (via phone).

CASE Summer Internship Fund

Think you might accept a social impact internship this summer? If so, this session is for you!! Come learn about funding available to support your summer internship in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, or small and medium enterprises. Information about the CASE Summer Internship Fund (SIF) and Class of 1990 Scholarship will be presented, including application and deadlines. Questions? Please contact or

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SEPI is launching new media outlets to improve our presence and the visibility of SE-themed topics. LinkedIn, Facebook and E-Newsletter are all in the works. Look out for these invitations to come. Social media savvy? contact Candace or Lin

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