David G. Burnet Elementary

Shining Stars Gazette - August 8th - August 11th, 2015

3rd week of the 1st six weeks

Notes from your principal

Welcome back and what a great first two weeks with students! This will be the best year ever at Burnet, home of the All Stars! Not only are we celebrating Burnet's 60th year, we are also celebrating school culture, instruction, data-driven and team effectiveness.

Scott visited 8 classrooms at Burnet to observe Classroom Entry and Ten With a Pen. During his visit he used a BRES rubric to rate what he observed. I will share the rubric with you during PLC on Thursday (last 5 minutes). Below are our strengths and upgrades:

In eight classrooms observed for the sub component of "lightening quick correction" of ten with a pen, three of the classrooms were rated proficient or advanced. Addressing off-task, disruptive behavior quickly ensures that all scholars will be on-task and learning and sets the tone for the entire class that learning is important by ensuring no one is left behind and that all learners matter.

Kudos to Mr. Rosas, Ms. Carmen Ramirez (Advanced), Ms. Hartmann (Advanced).

For the "ten with a pen" subcategory of aggressive monitoring, the rating was 2.6.

Next steps: Both the leadership team and I will share the rubric and create a targeted classroom observation form with clear steps and expectations for all the components of "ten with a pen" and three to four other big rocks using the TEI and BRES/Impact Schools Framework as a guide. At least once a week, the leadership team will walk to observe ten with a pen, non-evaluative observation with face to face feedback on the targeted observation form to ensure teachers keep moving toward advanced and proficiency with the highest impact classroom big rocks. The Leadership team and I will provide additional targeted PD with practice, framed around the targeted observation form and corresponding rubric or "criteria for success", to staff in advance of the observations so everyone is clear on expectations.

In addition to observing classroom entry and ten with a pen, Scott mentioned visiting Mr. Hale's 3rd grade class. Scott was very impressed with the teaching and learning he observed there. He said that with the passion of teaching that Mr. Hale demonstrates, students will definitely be ready for college. Kudos Mr. Hale, Teacher of the Year! Keep shining, All Stars!

Spot Observation starts this week! We have seen great teaching and learning so far. Remember, spot observation will provide feedback with actionable steps that you can implement immediately to enhance your teaching and the learning. As presented in the PLC on Thursday, spot observations focus on 5 areas of the classroom:

2.1 Establishes clear and rigorous lesson objective (s) (LO)

2.2 Measures student mastery through a Demonstration of Learning (DOL)

2.3 Clearly presents instructional material (Purposeful Instruction)

2.5 Engages students at all learning levels in rigorous work (Engagement & rigor)

3.1 Maximizes instructional time (Classroom Culture & Use of Time)


Ms. Loskot, Proud Principal of All Stars!



Providing excellence in the physical, emotional, social and academic growth of every child to ensure all student achieve their maximum potential.


Teachers will create strong classroom cultures, build relationships with students, and implement instructional practices that engage all students.

Key Action 1: Promote a positive climate and culture that ensures student achievement by establishing a common vision. (Philosophy)

Key Action 2: Strengthen the instructional program and data system by providing differentiated professional development. (Process)

Key Action 3: Promote student achievement by implementing and monitoring a system of data and feedback on instruction. (Implementation)

One School, One Vision, Together We Are On A Mission

Week At-A-Glance

Monday, September 7th, 2015

  • Labor Day - Student/Teacher/Staff Holiday

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

  • Classroom Entry & Ten With a Pen (Day 11)
  • Istation Reading Inventory (BOY) K-2 (8/31-9/25)
  • Faculty Meeting - GT & Child Abuse Training in the auditorium

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

  • Classroom Entry & Ten With a Pen (Day 12)
  • Last Enrollment Call-in count due at 9:30 in the attendance office

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

  • Classroom Entry & Ten With a Pen (Day 13)
  • PLC in grade level chair's room during planning
  • Thursday Folder goes home
  • Remind 3rd and 5th grade students to wear college t-shirts tomorrow

Friday, September 11th, 2015

  • Classroom Entry & Ten With a Pen (Day 14)
  • Send Kudos to Ms. Loskot by 2:00 p.m.

Quote of the Week

Think BIG

STAY Calm and Shine On!

Action Items

Action Items

September 8th - Spot observation starts

September 9th - Last Call-in Count Due

September 15th - 1st draft of SLO due

September 15th - 28th Pre-conference with evaluator starts

September 18th - Teachers Scorecard available in Oracle

September 19th - Prep U at TJ (We need volunteers)

September 21st - 5th Grade PTO Night

September 28th - Final Draft of SLO Due to evaluator

September 30th - Complete all compliance videos and turn in to Ms. Lupe

Prep U

Saturday, Sep. 19th, 7:30am-12pm

4001 Walnut Hill Lane

Dallas, TX

We need volunteers! Please sign up for the Prep U at TJ. Let's represent Burnet to our community. We have Ms. Brevard, Ms. Travis, Ms. Michel and Ms. Kelly signed up already!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.