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5 Difficulties Faced by Students in Preparation of Assignments

Being a student is stressful, isn’t it? You have to do a lot just to get yourself through college and have a degree. Attending daily classes, examinations, and maintaining work-life balance are already too hard to cope-up with, and coursework assignments further increase this burden. Assignments play an integral role in getting you through college but demand much of your time, efforts, and attention. Following are the five common difficulties which are faced by students while completing their assignments. You can probably relate with all five of these.

Topic Selection

The choice of your topic for assignment reflects your entire coursework and academic performance. Selecting a unique topic for your assignment is essential, and you need to explore numerous papers to select it. This has to be acceptable by your teacher and most importantly, a topic for which you can gather data easily. Some students even have to change their topics many times when their teachers do not accept the topic.

Gathering Data

After the selection of the topic, the next step is to gather data, it becomes difficult for you to decide which methodology you want to devise, either you want to do qualitative or quantitative. Due to lesser familiarity, students tend to choose incorrect methods which eventually lowers the academic writing service standards of the assignments even if their research topic is innovative.

Presentation and Meeting Compliance

The inability of gathering sufficient data causes issues with meeting compliance. You fail to address all learning outcomes and to present your results. The poor availability of desired content will misinterpret your assignment presentation, making your structure less appealing.

Meeting Deadlines

Maintaining a work-life balance as a student can be overwhelming, and it can get difficult to manage your classes and hectic life routine with assignment deadlines. To prepare a perfect assignment that meets all academic standards, you need to give extra time and effort to the preparation of these assignments. This might make you skip your classes and lectures, thereby keeping you from maintaining a balance.


In typical assignments with extensive terminologies, it gets difficult for you to deal with plagiarism. Due to limited knowledge of paraphrasing and rephrasing skills, dealing with plagiarism can be a risky process that can get you expelled. You will always be at stake of losing degree due to the issue of plagiarism.

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