Classical Conversations

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Week 3

This week we experimented with cyanotype prints. If you'd like to experiment more at home, I discovered that they work better if you stick to flatter items that can be pressed down with a sheet of plastic or glass. Page protectors will work fine. The larger items kept us from pressing down on our images very well. Lesson learned! Leave them in the sun for 10 minutes, rinse for 2 minutes, and then dry.


  • Geography - remember that ALL maps count. If you are drawing maps in sand, building them out of play-doh, ANYTHING - your maps count! Be sure to give me a total every week.
  • Payments - If you are unable to pay the full amount at this time, please send me an email to request a payment schedule.
  • Calendar - Sept 16 (1-3pm)= skating, Oct 11=school break, Oct 28=pumpkin patch day
  • For more information on King Richard and the Crusades, check out history card #72
  • The church contacted me this week about messes left in the baby nursery and about a back door being left unlocked and partially open. Both of these were doors that aren't ours to open. Parents please refer to the handbook regarding children always having adult supervision. Children are not to wander without an adult.
  • Did you know there are apps to help practice your CC material? You can find it on iTunes or Google Play for $15.99
  • Knowledge Quest is a favorite publisher of mine and they are having a sale Thursday and Friday only for half off all ebooks.
The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

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Week 3 Timeline


Week 3 History Sentence



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Classical, Christian Education

“For His sake, I’m driven to inspire my children with a love of learning and life that boils out of their spirits even in the most difficult of situations. I feel compelled to ‘ride horses up the White House stairs’ as Teddy Roosevelt did with his children . . . I want them to know that everyone they encounter can be their teacher and that they are to inspire each person they meet to draw a little closer to our Father in heaven. Life is but a vapor, but it’s also a divine journey – a journey that can result in unspeakable joy and heart-satisfying peace that passes all understanding.” —Leigh Bortins, Echo in Celebration, (3)

Foundations to Challenge

Today, you and your students will memorize the order of pronouns. This memory work teaches students the structure of English and prepares them to learn the structure of Latin. Knowing the pronoun order prepares students to learn the verb endings that go with each verb, which is especially important in Latin. They will build on this memory work first in Essentials when they work on verb anatomy charts, an activity which then prepares them to conjugate verbs in Latin for all six levels of Challenge.