All About Kepler-186f

What it would be like to live on Kepler-186f.

Even though living on another planet would be a very interesting experience, there are some downsides to living on Kepler-186f. Scientist have done a lot of research but they still aren't positive if living things can survive on this planet. The biggest problem is that 186f is on the coolest edge of the habitable zone. This means the water on the planet can freeze and if the water freezes there won't be electricity. One way to fix this is to get energy from the water that isn't frozen to make heat and melt the frozen water. Another problem is on Kepler-186f there's a lot of helium and hydrogen, this easy fix can be solved by building one big dome over everything to keep it out. As you can see there are some problems with living on this planet but Earth isn't an option anymore.

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Some pictures of Kepler-186f and Earth.

Facts about Kepler-186f

  • Diameter: 44.41 km
  • Distance from sun: 52.4 million kilometers
  • Temperature: unknown
  • Length of day: not sure could be weeks or a month
  • Length of year: 130 days
  • Number of moons: unknown
  • Number of rings: None
  • If i lived on the planet i would be about 39 years old instead of 14.
  • Value of "G": 1.11510 Nm^2/kg^2
  • Distance from Earth: about 490 light years away
  • Weight: would be about the same because the gravity is about the same.
  • Time it takes to get there: 4900 years

  • It orbits a red dwarf star with half the mass of its sun.
  • There are four other planets that orbit with Kepler-186f.
  • It's the first planet with a radius similar to Earth in the habitable zone.
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Just like the children's book "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" the planet above in the Habitable Zone is in the perfect spot for people to live.