Addams Staff Newsletter

November 16, 2014

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Principal's Message

Dear Addams Staff,

As the 1st card marking comes to a close, I'd like to spend some time reflecting on all that you've accomplished so far: Implemented a new Math Expressions curriculum, moved to a new standards based grading system, welcomed 470 Addams Learners into your classrooms and on a daily basis, provided them with highly engaging learning opportunities!

Also, you welcomed me to the Addams family and have been extremely patient and supportive as I've transitioned into our phenomenal learning community!

In an effort to create an avenue for staff to recognize each other for positive things, I’ve created the “Addams Spotlight.” I encourage you to take 10 seconds to recognize other colleagues. Click on the link below to add comments:

Also, click on the "Youanes Addams Calendar" link below to view my updated Google Calendar. You can also click on the "Addams Building Calendar," below to review the most updated events going on at Addams!

Addams Updates and Reminders

PBIS– O.A.K.S: Teachers we are doing much better at hallway behavior on the way to the lunchroom! Please remember to keep walking your students down. Hallway congestion during transitions to Specials and to lunch:

Please remember to follow common courtesy for traffic flow in the halls. For example, if a class is coming down the stairs to lunch, please stop and let them all come down so that our classes are able to stay together. Also, this is a safety issue as bigger kids are coming down and little ones may be passing by.

As you are using PBIS materials from the library please be sure to check them out with Donna and return them as soon as you finish. This way we can keep the limited number of copies available for all staff!

PBIS November Newsletter:

Conference Forms: Please don't forget to upload a copy of the conference form that you plan on using this year to the Addams Game Plan folder, within the Conference Form folder. At the conclusion of all conferences, place all conference forms in a folder and plan to turn that folder in at the end of the year as part of the check out process.

NWEA (MAP) Pilot: Please click on the link to add your name to the list if you're interested in taking part in the NWEA pilot testing this year.

Addams PTA Form: Please click on the link below and sign up to join our Addams PTA!

Lunch: Please be sure to take accurate lunch counts each day for the next day so that we have the correct amount of lunches available to students in all 3 lunches.

Late Start Sub: Click on the link to sign up for a time slot for the late start sub. Remember that no more than two time slots per teacher can be used until December:

Curriculum and Instruction Updates

Curriculum and Instruction Newsletter: Click on the link below to review the elementary curriculum and instruction newsletter from Lisa Shannon. Very important info and updates are included:

Elementary Assessment Calendar: Click on the link to review the 2nd MP assessment calendar:

Kindergarten Assessment Calendar: Click on the link to review the Kindergarten assessment calendar for the 2014-2015 School Year:

Math Expressions

Math Expressions Wikispace Page: This page has been created by one of the Math Expressions consultants as a resource for teachers. It has great information about math routines, writing prompts, CCSS correlations to assessments and much more! Click on the link to explore!

Math Workshop and Math Expressions Questions: In an effort to help answer some of the many questions that you may have regarding math workshop and math expressions, the link below will serve as both a place to pose questions and also a place where you can go for answers:

Smarter Balanced Mid-Year Assessment: Click on the link below to review the mid-year math assessments and answer sheets. These are also located in the Google Drive shared Addams Game Plan folder, within the Math Expressions and assessments folder:

Addams Tech Tips

Addams Technology Committee Agenda: Click on the link to review the notes from the technology committee meetings so far this year:

Google Help: Click on the link to sign up for some Google help from Mr. Youanes:

Google Cultural Institute: Click on the link to discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all over the world. Explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail, from hidden gems to masterpieces:

Michigan eLibrary: Click on the link to view the some wonderful resources located in Michigan's elibrary:

Calendly: Let Others Schedule Themselves: Click on the link to learn more about this wonderful scheduling tool that connects with your Google Calendar and makes scheduling so much more easier!

Royal Oak Schools Tech. Integration Newsletter: Please take some time and review the tech integration newsletter that Allyson Dewar put together for Oct/NOv. There are some great resources in there!

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