Social Media Dangers

By Amita Panda, Maci Taylor, Reign Reyes

Social media is not only dangerous, but it can eventually many in the future.

Badge Bragging: Due to online exposure, many are being harmed by others and their own actions

From posting a simple picture of work badge, unknown hackers can destroy you life by stealing your identity. This is caused by the silly mistake of posting your work badge online.

For example, from the online vulnerability, "the hacker would only need 15 minutes to dissect the badge and decode the bar code"( Cohen 1). In only fifteen minutes your life can be changed for the worse! Because of this online threats, many are being traumatized by the second.

Social Media and The Hook-up Culture: In many ways the internet can be a very dangerous place.

With child predators, identity theft, and hook ups, the online world seems to get more threatening to kids, teens and young adults. For example, because of online dating and cyber harassment, "social media has linked to heartbreaking cyber bullying and even suicide or self harm" (Wright 2). If someone self-harms themselves in any way, the person who caused these horrid acts can be sued, sent to jail, or worse.


Interesting Facts

  • 30,000 websites are hacked everyday.
  • Over 100,000 new websites are made everyday.
  • Psychologists have proven that internet trolls are narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic.


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