Garrett Primary

PreK Info.-Sept. 30, 2014

Reminders & Kirbyville Visit

1. Our subscription to the mClass PreK computerized test has been renewed. I have sent all the PreK teacher names and room numbers so Summer Garcia and Technology can make sure that all teacher computers have been updated. If you do not have the Amplify (Mclass Assessment) icon on your computer, put in a Trouble Trakker ticket so Mr. Crager can come by to install the icon.

2. If you plan on using an Ipad to test students, you will NOT be able to use any device that has been updated to IOS8.

3. The testing window for BOY ELA and Math tests open on Monday, October 6 and closes on October 31. You all have two more weeks (till Nov 14) to complete book and print awareness, writing and social emotional checklists.

The testing dates are on your colored curriculum calendars that Kathy Thannisch brought us a few weeks back. So you might already know all this information.

4. Kirbyville ISD PreK teachers will be visiting our awesome PreK on Tuesday October 21st . They will be here at 8:00 a.m. !